Prof Akinwande chaired two recent 2014 international workshops/events on 2D materials

Prof. Akinwande Chairs two recent international workshops on 2D materials at MRS spring meeting and ARL.

The MRS 2014 spring meeting was focused on roll-to-roll graphene and co-organized and co-chaired by Prof. Rod Ruoff. International speakers from leading institutions and companies presented on the progress on this front. The event was sponsored by NSF, the Nascent ERC center, and Aixtron Inc.

The two-day event at ARL in August 2014 focused on the science and applications of 2D materials beyond graphene and featured researchers from the US, Europe, and South America. The event was sponsored by ARO, ARL and Nascent ERC center.

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(ACS Nano) Flexible MoS2 transistor research highlighted on nanotechweb

“Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, both in the US, are the first to have succeeded in making high-performance molybdenite transistors on plastic substrates. The feat, hitherto deemed too difficult, means that the material might be ideal for making high-speed and low-power flexible electronics devices.”

SPIE Newsroom invited feature on Monolithic Graphene-Si VLSI Technology

SPIE Newsroom publishes Prof. Akinwande’s article, entitled “Integrating wafer-scalable graphene with ubiquitous silicon technology“. The article describes how the synthesis of nearly defect-free monolayer graphene can be combined with silicon technology in order to create innovative next-generation electronic and optical systems and sensor devices.