Graphene Tattoo Sensors: BBC front page and over a dozen media news story

Graphene electronic tattoo sensors have been realized. congrats to postdoc scholar Shideh Ameri who led the work in collaboration with Nanshu Lu’s group.

Also widely reported in the news, and is featured on BBC 

D.A selected as APS Fellow

Through the hard work of many students, the support of many colleagues, the love of family and friends, and the Grace of God; Prof. Akinwande has been selected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society, awarded to less than 0.5% of physicists.

Citation: For contributions to the physical study and development of scalable uniform monolayer graphene synthesis on wafer-scale substrates, and the realization of GHz flexible and wearable two-dimensional devices, circuits and systems.

Akinwande selected as Inaugural Gordon Moore Inventor Fellow

Prof. Akinwande has been selected as an Inaugural Gordon Moore Inventor Fellow.