At the moment our post-doctoral position on 2D materials, devices, and applications, has been filled.

We also welcome funded or self-funded post-doctoral scholars in all areas of nano including nanomaterials, nanoscience, nanomechanics, bio-nano, nanodevices, RF nanocircuits, and flexible nanoelectronics.

Prospective graduate students:

I receive a large number of emails from prospective students inquiring about research assistantships in my group. Please do not be disappointed if I do not respond; I simply do not have the capacity to run my own admissions office. If you are interested in joining my group, your first step is to apply to UT-Austin. I can then evaluate your application during admissions season (spring time) and see how you rank against the other applicants that are interested in joining my group. I tend to take ~1-2 new students each year, and so I need to be selective and defer any recommendation until I see the entire pool of applicants. Admissions decisions are ultimately made by the Department, not myself. Thanks for your interest!

The A-Team

Barbara Satterwhite (Email)

Administrative assistant 

Contact: Phone: 512-232-9331

Location: MER 1.606A, JJ Pickle Research Campus, UT Austin

Interests: Reading, Running, PBS murder mysteries

Dr. Maciej Wiesner (Email)

Fulbright scholar (PhD and habilitation at the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, POLAND)

Contact: Phone: 512 550 7520

Location: MER 1.606J, J.J. Pickle Research Campus, UT Austin

Projects: Anisotropy of electron transport in graphene subjected to a periodic potential. NEMS

Interests: numismatics , philately, electronics

Dr. Li Tao (Resume/Email)

Research Associate/Affiliate (1000-Talent Young Investigator Award Recipient)

Projects: 2D Xene materials and devices; Micro/Nano fabrication platform to enable innovative devices with enhanced performance

Interests: Any food, swimming, classical poems, music and philosophy

Dr. Shideh Kabiri (Email)

PostDoc (PhD 2015 Tufts University)

Projects: Advanced materials for flexible neuroelectronics

Interests: Reading, Nature, Travelling, Running

Dr. Deepyanti Taneja (Email)

PostDoc(PhD 2016 University of Cambridge, England)

Projects: 2D materials, device fabrication and characterization, low-temperature measurements

Interests: Traveling, Yoga, Baking

Dr. Martha. I Serna (Email)

PostDoc (PhD UT-Dallas 2017)

Projects: 2D materials synthesis, Materials characterization

Interests: Piano-Guitar, traveling, coffee brewing, mentoring students from developing countries, running, and yoga.

Milo Holt ( Email)

PhD Student (BSEE ’10 University of California, Santa Cruz)

Projects: Graphene and 2D material growth

Interests: Shared meals, Traveling, Surfing, Dodge-ball

Ajith Gopalakrishnan ( Email)

PhD Student (BE-EE’05 University of Mumbai, MS-EE’07 NC State University)

Projects: Analog and RF circuit design and modeling using beyond-CMOS nano devices; Low-power analog and mixed-signal systems; Nano-scale devices and sensors for health-monitoring, medical implantable devices and bio-inspired electronics; RF and bio-energy harvesting

Interests: Cricket, Tennis, South Asian history, Indie movies, Hiking, Food anthropology, Baking

Wei Li ( Email)

PhD Student (BS 05′ Sichuan University, MS 08′ Sichuan University)

Projects: Ultra-thin films deposition and their solid state properties

Interests: classic music, soccer and cooking Chinese foods

Maruthi N Yogeesh ( Email)

PhD Student (MSECE’13 UMass Amherst); RF/Analog IC design intern @ Intel Austin

Projects: 1. Design of RF, analog and mixed signal circuits (PLLs, Oscillators, Charge-pump, PFDs..). 2. Design of RF trans-receiver (Low noise amplifier, mixer, filters..). 3. Design of flexible electronics using 2D materials (going beyond moore’s law – graphene, MoS2, phosphorene).

Interests: Yoga and Meditation

Joonseok Jason Kim (Email) (Website)

PhD Student (BSECE ’13 Seoul National University)

Projects: Analysis of Strain/Pressure Engineering of 2D materials, Stability of 2D materials, and 2D FETs

Interests: Playing squash, watching movie, driving

Weinan Zhu (Email)

PhD Student (Shandong Univ. B.E. 2010, Tsinghua Univ. M.S. 2013)

Projects: 2D material based flexible nanoelectronics

Interests: Reading, Swimming, Paddle boarding

Saungeun Park (Email)

PhD Student (BSEE 13 Kyungpook National University & UT Dallas)

Projects: Graphene and 2D material based flexible electronics and sensors

Interests: Playing Kick-Ball, Singing, Driving

Ruijing Ge (Email)

PhD Student (B.Sc. University of Science and Technology of China, China;)

Projects: 2D based flexible electronics

Interests: traveling, cooking, reading and badminton

Md Hasibul Alam (Email)

PhD Student (BS’12 & MS’14 Bangladesh Univ. of Engg. and Tech;)

Projects: 2D based flexible electronics

Interests: Running, Reading and Traveling

Rusty Roberts (Email)

PhD Student (Columbia University. B.S. 2014, Whitman College, B.A. 2014;)

Interests: mountain biking, music, homebrewing, ultimate frisbee

Xintong Li (Email)

PhD Student (BS’ Peking University, China;)

Projects: 2D flexible electronics

Interests: billiards, singing, video games

MyungSoo Kim (Email)

PhD Student (BSEE 16 SKKU (SungKyunKwan University), Korea;)

Projects: 2D based flexible electronics

: Gadgets, Photography, Watching movies, Reading, Music

Yuqian Gu (Email)

PhD Student (B.Sc.’17 University of Science and Technology of China;)

: Singing, Swimming, Badminton

Chidimma Christine Amagwula (Email)

PhD Student (BSEE ’17 Prairie View A&M University;)

Projects: 2D and Flexible Electronics, Wearables

: Photography, Music, Traveling, TV & Film, Reading, Basketball

Otitoaleke ‘Leke Akinola (Email)

PhD Student(B.Sc. ’12, OAU, Nigeria, MS ’17 UT;)

Projects: Nano Thermoelectric Generators with 2D Materials

Interests: Piano & Guitar, Tennis, Public Speaking, Hiking

Jamie Barber (Email)

PhD Student(BS ’14 University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign;)

Projects: Flexible Electronics

Interests: Reading, Trying new food/recipes, Spending time outdoors

Shijiao Han (Email)

Visiting Scholar(BE’ 12 and PhD student. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China;)

Projects: Graphene and 2D material based flexible electronics and sensors

Interests: Basketball, Badminton, History, Movie

Xu Jing (Email)

Visiting Scholar(PhD student, Soochow University;)

Projects: h-BN growth on wafer-scale substrates; Resistive random access memory; FET based on 2D materials

Interests: Traveling, Badminton, Reading, Music, Video

Weiyi Lin (Email)

Visiting Scholar(East China Univ Sci & Technol, 2012 B.E.; Xiamen Univ, Ph.D. Student;)

Projects: Raman analyses, 2D-material-based flexible electronics.

Interests: Running, Guitar, Calligraphy

Po-An Chen (Email)

Visiting Scholar(PhD student. National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan;)

Projects: Graphene and 2D material based flexible electronics, sensors, and memory

Interests: Basketball, Traveling, Work out, Movie

 A-Team Alumni

Alvin Lee: PhD Graduate, 2016 [linkedin]
Dissertation: Towards reproducible graphene synthesis on optimized copper substrates
Mew Neko, Founder
Avinash Nayak: PhD Graduate, 2015 [linkedin]
Dissertation: Pressure Induced structure-property tuning of Two Dimensional Materials
Senior Product Engineer, AMD
Hsiao-Yu Chang: PhD Graduate, 2015 [linkedin]
Dissertation: “Device physics and device mechanics for flexible MoS2 thin film transistors”
Thin Film Engineer, Apple
Nasibeh Rahimi: PhD Graduate, 2015 [linkedin]
Dissertation: “Graphene and MoS2 devices for wafer-scale integrated silicon nanotechnology”
Device Engineer, Intel
Sk Fahad Chowdhury: PhD Graduate, 2015 [linkedin]
Dissertation: Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Field-Effect Transistors Based on Two-Dimensional Materials and Their Circuit Applications.
Circuit-Device Engineer, Freescale
Haiyu Huang: PhD Graduate 2014
Dissertation: Miniaturized Antenna and Transponder Based Wireless Sensors for Internet of Things in Healthcare.
Senior member of technical staff, Maxim Integrated, Dallas
Maryam Mortazavi: PhD Graduate 2014  [linkedin]
Dissertation:Heterogeneous Integration of Graphene and Si CMOS for Gas Sensing Applications
Research engineer, Cirrus Logic, Austin
Jongho Lee: PhD Graduate, 2014 [linkedin]
Dissertation: “Graphene Field Effect Transistors for High Performance Flexible Nanoelectronics”
Research engineer, Samsung Research Labs – Seoul
Kristen Parrish: PhD Graduate, 2013 [linkedin]
Dissertation: “Nanoscale Graphene for RF Circuits and Systems
Research engineer, Texas Instruments Kilby Labs, Dallas

Cheng Tan: MS graduate, 2014
Research: WSe2 based flexible electronics
Dissertation: “WSe₂-based devices and oxide structures
PhD student – Columbia University
Srdjan Marijanovic: Msc Graduate, 2012 [linkedin]
Dissertation: “ Optimized multi-stage amplifier compensation method for wide load variations
Now with Cirrus Logic
Emily Walker: Graduate Student, UT-Austin
Terahertz Electronics
Ian Williamson: Graduate student, UT-Austin
Dielectric waveguides and THz electronics
Dinesh Baniya Kshatri: Graduate student (2011/2012)
2D Epitaxial Semimetals

Bryce Fuller: REU 2016-2017, UT-Austin
Explorative silicene studies
Sam Moran: REU 2014-2016, UT-Austin
High pressure studies on 2D materials
Ankit Sharma: REU 2013-2017, UT-Austin
2D materials growth and devices
Twinkle Pandhi: REU 2013-2014, UT-Austin
Tuning the Optical Properties of Graphene and Hexagonal Boron Nitride
MyungSoo Kim: Exchange student from SKKU, Korea, 2015
WhaPyeong Lim: Exchange student from SKKU, Korea, 2016
Mary Vu: REU 2015, UT-Austin
Elaine Macdonald: REU 2015, Columbia University
Sandra Hernández Aldave: Exchange student from San Sebastian, Spain, 2014.
Research: Sonochemical synthesis of black phosphorus from red phosphorus
Marc Castro: Nascent REU student (Summer 2013).
Investigation of MoS2 devices with a top layer of ALD dielectrics
Maria Michael: NNIN REU student (Summer 2012)
Electrical properties of LaLuAs thin films grown with MBE method
Matias Babenco: Exchange Student from Argentina (Fall 2011)
Graphene Raman imaging and spectroscopy processing
Bethany Robinson: NNIN REU student (Summer 2011)
Growth and characterization of graphene for graphene FETs
Blake Levy: UT-Austin REU student (Summer 2010)
Carbon nanotube antennas for flexible electronics